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Frequently asked questions about the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®


Caution! Read all safety warnings and instructions!

Be sure to keep this Instruction Manual on hand for future reference.

Read these General Safety Instructions  as well as the Instruction Manual carefully and follow all instructions. The PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® must be correctly fitted and used to provide increased comfort and support while playing and to prevent injury to you or damage to your instrument. The KPIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® could damage your instrument if it comes loose and  impacts your instrument, or if it slips off causing you to lose control of your instrument.

Incorrect use or maintenance could also result in physical discomfort, interruptions while playing your instrument or, in rare cases, in physical harm.

Excessive force put onto the rest may cause it to bend beyond its capabilities and snap. 

Please observe the following safety recommendations:

Before every use verify the correct setup and secure attachment of your PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®. Refer to the Instruction Manual for details.

Check all parts of your PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® for damage, wear and tear before every use. If damaged or worn parts are detected do not use your PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® until these parts have been replaced. Continued use can lead to direct damage to the instrument,  instability of your PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® or discomfort while playing your instrument.

Before making adjustments, always detach your PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® and move your instrument to a safe place.

What is the size of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® when folded?

When folded the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® has a minimum width of 25 mm and a max width of 60 mm. At the chest leg it measures 30 mm high and at the shoulder leg 25 mm. In the middle it is only 5 mm thick. The length of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® is 222 mm.

What is the weight of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®?

The PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® weighs 32 grams or just over one ounce.
This is significantly less than half of what the average shoulder rest weighs.

What is the minimum and maximum height of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®?

The shoulder side has a minimum height of 40 mm and a maximum height of 52 mm using a short barrel leg and 60 mm using a long barrel leg. Using a long rubber foot (available separately) will add up to 15 mm for a total height of 75 mm.

The chest side has a minimum height of 43 mm using a short barrel leg, and a maximum height of 62 mm using a long barrel leg. Using a long rubber foot (available separately) will add up to  15 mm for a total of 75 mm.

The lowest point of the rest offers a minimum distance to the violin of 23 mm using two short barrel legs or 25 mm when using a long and a short barrel leg. Using a long and a short barrel leg offers a maximum distance of 35 mm. Using a long rubber foot on both the chest and the shoulder side adds up to 10 mm for a max distance to the violin of 45 mm.

Pirastro advises against using both a long barrel leg and long rubber foot on both sides of the shoulder rest simultaneously.

Can the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® be bent like the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2?

No, if bent beyond its capabilities, the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® will snap. Only the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 and the wooden rest of the PIRASTRO KorfkerCradle® can be bent to fit to the shoulder of the player.


How do I attach the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® for the best sound?

Always make sure the rest is attached securely. However, overly tight clamping can reduce the freedom of sound of your instrument. As a rule of thumb, positioning the shoulder rest in approximately the desired place on the violin and then sliding one of the sides of the rest by 10 to 15 mm to tighten it, will give a adequate hold.

Choosing a narrower setting and positioning the rest closer to the neck of the player may also open up the sound of your instrument.

Can I still play when the o-rings have become damaged or lost?

It is possible to safely continue playing, even without the o-rings. However the functioning of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® will not be optimal and noises could occur during playing.

We strongly recommend replacing worn or lost o-rings to ensure the best possible performance. Replacement o-rings are included with the accessories.