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PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® – Features and advantages

  • Instantly comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Simple click-system for easy and secure adjustments
  • Folds into an ultra compact shape
  • Delivers outstanding freedom and integrity of sound
  • Custom made and sound-optimised materials
  • Featherlight (only 32 grams)
  • Fits violins from 4/4 to 3/4
  • With our trusted rubber feet and comfortable foam pads
Instantly comfortable

During the design of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®, we took advantage of the many years of positive feedback we received from users of our KorfkerRest®.

We started off by integrating all the advantages of the successful shape of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 and enhanced these with curves, made possible by the process of injection-moulding.

The rounded shape of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®’s cross section for instance, naturally fits the body’s curves and eliminates the need for any tilt adjustment. Two soft pads – the same as on the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 – focus body contact in two areas, shoulder and chest, avoiding the collar bone. Every player who has tried the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® has commented on how quickly they have become comfortable with its feel.

Easy adjustment

When designing the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®, we wanted to make the adjustment process as easy and secure as possible. To achieve this, we invented an ingenious click system which integrates the need for adjustment with the ability to fold the legs. 

A set of six differently sized and interchangeable barrel legs is provided which, once clicked in, become an integral and secure part of the rest.

Depending on their orientation, each can occupy either a wide or narrow position. This not only allows the size of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® to be adjusted to the body of every violin from 3/4 to full size, it also enables subtle positioning closer to the shoulder or the chest of the player. One really needs to give this system a try to appreciate its clever simplicity.

Ultra compact shape

We wanted to design the most compact shoulder rest ever made and we succeeded! The PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® is perfect for anyone who needs to store their shoulder rest in a tight space.

It will even fit snugly in the pocket of your concert jacket!

Freedom of sound

With the introduction of the PIRASTRO KorfkerCradle® and the original PIRASTRO KorfkerRest®, we both responded to and encouraged a rising awareness amongst violinists about the acoustically negative effects of traditional shoulder rests. With these highly innovative products, Pirastro committed itself to the uncompromising pursuit of an unrestricted dynamic range, the truest timbre of your instrument and the most accurate bow response.

During the design process of our PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®, this commitment expressed itself through the research into customised high tech materials as well as advanced and patented developments in the field of (as we call it) resonance-shaping; adjusting the shape of the shoulder rest so it resonates in unison with the instrument it’s attached to, thus minimally interfering with its acoustic freedom.

For this purpose the shape of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® went through a variety of changes and we tested many material compositions. At every step of this process we conducted acoustical tests, starting by listening to the sound of the violin without a shoulder rest before comparing this to the sound of the same instrument with a prototype attached. Only those prototypes which offered the best tonal properties would be chosen.

Our efforts resulted in a shoulder rest which allows the violin to express an astonishing freedom of dynamic range, accuracy in response and trueness of timbre.

Material composition

As we learned when designing the original PIRASTRO KorfkerRest®, the material composition of a shoulder rest has a very significant effect on the sound a violin produces. When using synthetic materials instead of wood, there is a greater likelihood of sound deterioration. It was only after discovering a composite polymer material with exceptional tonal properties that we decided to design a synthetic shoulder rest. 

During the design process, the recipe of this composite polymer went through numerous iterations resulting in a custom-made aerospace-grade material which provides improved resonance properties and an amazing integrity of sound, making it the ideal material for a new class of synthetic shoulder rest.


From the start, weight reduction was an important factor in the design of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®. We wanted to get as close to the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 as possible! 
First of all, the convex shape of its cross section helped to significantly reduce its thickness, and therefore its weight. Our custom made, composite material was simultaneously adjusted to provide the right stiffness and stability. Additionally, simplifying the adjustment system allowed us to shave off a couple more grams. Borrowing the super-light and secure rubber feet from the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 gave us the final edge. 

As a result and to our own surprise, we ended up exactly matching the incredible 32 grams of our PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2. Less than half the weight of the average shoulder rest!


During the development of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®, Berent Korfker painstakingly worked out the correct angles for the barrel leg mechanism to ensure that its alignment would be correct for every conceivable set-up, which is a fundamental requirement for designing a stable shoulder rest. This significantly contributes to the excellent stability of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® even when using our extra long rubber foot.
Another precondition for a stable and secure playing experience is a set of good rubber feet. When we started designing the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®, we already had the advantage of having developed the most secure rubber feet on the market for our PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2.

Possessing a secure grip and minimal contact with the violin these feet are also far lighter than any other shoulder rest feet, helping us to minimise the weight of the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA®. 
Moreover, all our replacement feet (which include an optional extra high rubber foot) are already available from shops all over the world.