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Privacy Policy

When we collect and use your personal data, we will do so only in compliance with the terms of the German Data Privacy Act.

This applies to all personal data you provide to us, including such information as your title, name, address, date of birth, company name, customer number, e-mail address, phone number or fax number.

We will not use the data we have from you for any other purpose, such as advertising, market research, or custom-tailoring offers, without your express consent. You can give that consent before your order is carried out.

Your consent is voluntary, and you can withdraw it at any time. You can view the consent form on our website.

If we are ordered to by the authorities, we may provide information about your data in special cases, so far as is needed for purposes of criminal prosecution, to avert danger, to comply with the legal duties of national security authorities, or to enforce intellectual property rights.

We will further collect the personal data necessary to make it possible for you to take advantage of our products and services. These data particularly concern characteristics to identify you as a user, information about the extent of use of the site, the beginning and ending of your session, and information about the telemedia you are using (usage data).

We will also use these usage data to build user profiles for purposes of advertising and market research or to custom-tailor our offers and our website. Data for this purpose is used in anonymous form and using pseudonyms.

You can forbid the above use of your usage data.

Usage profiles are not combined with the corresponding usage data.

If you wish to forbid the use of your usage data as described above, or if you need further information, please email us at or phone Customer Support 
at +49 69 840 090 -0.

We use “cookies” to expand the functions of our website and make it more efficient for you to use. These cookies help us store data on your computer when you visit our site. You can keep cookies from being stored on your computer, or remove the cookies that are there, by means of the appropriate settings in your browser.


We use the PIWIK open source software as a Web analysis service on our website. This software enables us to make a statistical analysis of the use of our site. PIWIK uses cookies for this purpose. Cookies enable us to store data on your computer when you use our website.

The usage information generated by the cookie (including an abbreviated IP address, time, page visited, browser used, search engine, plug-ins) is sent to us and stored in a database.

The analyses performed with PIWIK are entirely anonymous. Your IP address is also immediately made anonymous, so that you are not recognizable to us as a user. It is not possible for us to identify individuals personally. The information we gather is not released to third parties. The data gathered and stored here is also not linked to other data sources.

You can keep cookies from being stored on your computer, or remove the cookies that are there, by means of the appropriate settings in your browser. If you do so, it may limit the services available from our site; in other words, you may not be able to use all features of all the site’s functions.

If you do not consent for us to store and analyze the usage data derived from your use of our website, you can forbid that storage and use at any time.

In this case PIWIK will not gather any session data of any kind about your use.